North Brooklyn Housing Defense

Building power among residential tenants at risk of eviction

What is it?

North Brooklyn Housing Defense offers support and solidarity in an effort to build power among residential tenants at risk of eviction.

Members of this initiative respond to requests for housing assistance by establishing meaningful relationships with tenants in need in our community, documenting concerns and isolating issues that may benefit from further support, and then either
(a) filling in information gaps by coordinating access to resources or (b) advocating on behalf of the tenant for free legal support from a public interest legal service provider. 

Secure, habitable housing is a human right, and North Brooklyn Housing Defense takes the position that our ability to defend this right, both during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, is rooted in sustainable relationships with our neighbors at risk of eviction.

Where can I find support?

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Phone number: 732-963-1309

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