North Brooklyn Free Store

Providing resources to the community

What is it?

North Brooklyn Free Store (NBKFS) is a community initiative created in response to the devastating financial effects of Covid-19 on the individuals, households and small businesses within New York City. Like all mutual aid, Free Stores are grounded in the collective power of community and our civic responsibility to take care of one another. NBKFS takes an altruistic approach when tackling economic collapse, in an attempt to restore both neighborhoods and hope.

The concept behind NBKFS is simple: take what you can use, give what you can share. Pop-up shelving built by volunteers houses gifted and donated resources; clothing, housewares, art, music, school supplies, books, electronics, toys & canned and dry foods. As a part of a larger North Brooklyn Mutual Aid coalition, and beneficiary of Open Collective fundraising, NBKFS is able to continually stock our pop-ups with new high-need items. We hope to close the gap of basic needs in our greater NYC community that repurposes urban decay into growth and prosperity that strengthens connection in the community.

Where is it?

Several locations in North Brooklyn

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