BK Scrap Shuttle

A community compost shuttle

What is it?

BK Scrap Shuttle is a grassroots compost collection and microhauling organization serving the East Williamsburg neighborhood. The Scrap Shuttle was born out of a need for organics waste collection after the NYC Department of Sanitation slashed its FY2021 budget and eliminated this invaluable service.

What can I compost?

  • fruit and vegetable scraps (including onions, & garlic)
  • coffee grounds or beans
  • coffee filters
  • tea
  • tea bags (remove all metal or plastic)
  • eggshells
  • dry grains
  • nuts
  • brown paper bags

What CANNOT be composted?

  • citrus 
  • meat
  • fish
  • bones
  • cheese & dairy
  • paper towels/napkins
  • grease/oil
  • compostable or bioplastic bags or utencils

Where is it?

Cooper Park (Olive Street Entrance)
check instagram for dates/times

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